Monday, February 21, 2011

Typos and All

I stopped by to reread some of the nonsense I've posted here in the last 3 years and holy crap did I allow a lot of typos.

Facebook obviously killed my blog and that's too bad but why not start writing in it again? I've told myself I would a couple of times in the past and I didn't so let's just see how it goes. Fortunately, my next door neighbor provided the inspiration for my current visit (that's what she does, provide inspiration) and I'm thinking of a way to keep this thing sustainable.

Day to day life - I've been promoted to Academic Advisor and only teach one night class these days. Thanks to my wonderful next door neighbor, provider of inspiration, and best co-worker ever, I can handle not teaching as much. Plus, this will be good experience for my next career move. I want to be an International Student Advisor.

Can't wait for Spring, can't wait to see what happens next.