Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, Absinthe is legal in the USA now. Like I needed another fucking vice... not to mention another vice that I really enjoy. Not to mention it costs $60 a bottle. If you are somewhere else and can send it here cheaper I would be interested in hearing from you.

I've had the green fairy twice before, once in Chicago and once in New Orleans, and the illegality of the whole thing was probably the most attractive aspect. I didn't really trip-out, or anything. Saturday night I don't even know how much I had. I went to the apartent above the bar, threw up, laid on the bed, thought about running out on the band, then got up and played my ass off for two hours. After that two hours I was so very tired. Then the groupies showed up...

Why can't I meet a nice girl? Trick question or at least a question I already know the answer to. I just wrote the goddamn answer down in the two paragraphs above.

I don't blame the craziness on absinthe, understand, I could do the same things on whiskey, wine, vodka and I'm not even going to mention the "t" word.

I've tried giving up a lot of things in my life and I have rarely succeded. But I have suceeded in giving up the "t" word... I hope it doesn't come to that with absinthe.

Monday, January 28, 2008


After reading that last post I realized I am nuts. I would erase it but no one reads this crapola anyway... I don't really think Hitler did anything good. But he brought out the best in the people who fought against him? I think that's the point.

Bobby Fischer's picture is comming down from my blog today too. Can't be reopresenting anti-semitism in any form. Palastine or Israel? Israel every time, yo! Did you know Israel is Islam's like thrid most Holy City? That means they have two cities that are more important but that aren't fought over. Mecca must be one. What is the other?

I'm not putting John Kennedy Toole back up either. Too depressing. I am going to devote some time to finding the perfect picture. I should really do some work.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer died today at the age of 64. What a freaking wierdo! He's denounced his American citizenship, was clearly anti-semetic (his mother was Jewish) and was the greatest American chess player ever!

Life is irony. He is a great American who denounced his citizenship - cold war king, who praised the 9/11 attacks. If chess mimicks war, Bobby Fischer mimicks life = crazy, life is so fucking crazy.

I don't agree with his politics just like I don't agree with George Bush's politics, but I do agree with the way he lived his life, against the grain, a true subversive with the balls to speak his mind, for better of worse, even if it was mostly worse. You can change the world quite a bit by being a freak. People will work very hard against you. Look at Adolph Hitler, people were forced to work against him for the greater good. Is this world a better place because of Hitler? If it is better its only because people united against him and drove him to kill himself (okay, and German infrastructure was improved) I don't agree with the way King George II lives his life, detached. Bobby Fischer was wrong on so many levels, but I don't think he was detached.

I am going to go get my ass whooped in a game of chess now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3rd Graders Who Count on Their Fingers

Math. What do they know in the third grade? 8-5=3, 18-9=9, 14-8=7... funny ass kids. I would love this job if I didn't have to be acountable to the man. If I could just be a glorified babysitter and make my own rules. I probably could/will in the future, but I am also starting to like the idea of making money.

Real estate development - that's what I want to do now. Buy, develop, and sell... I need to get in good with a real estate agent and be able to borrow about $150,000 to get started. I don't know if I should sell my house but it is an option. Money is funny - math is funny. Anybody can do math, but some people hate it so much, myself included, that they do whatever it takes to aviod it. I do it. I also lie to myself and I seriously think there is a correlation there. Avioding math and lying to yourself have a lot in common. Think about it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The News

There isn't any news. Its Monday morning and the weekend turned out fine. The date was fine, the bands were fine, the down time was fine. Smoothing out the edges of my life? Hardly. Complacency has no place in my life, it never has and it never will. When things get to be too much I just go out of my way to do something stupid and viola everything is back to normal. Yes, my life sometimes seems to revolve around the stupid decisions I have made when it should revolve around the smart decisions I've made. The thing about smart decisions is that they take time to appriciate. Was becoming a school teacher a smart decision? How about joining the military? Either one would be nice to retire from, and I would be retiring from the military in about five years if I would have staying in. Do I regret getting out? Never! Will I regret getting out in five years when I would be retiring? Probably not! But I do need to do something. The kids book, the movie script, the calander... Something is going to have to happen. The band? Probably not, but we did have a good practice this weekend... Students are here, see ya

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How much coffee is too much?

That's a trick question. The same goes for beer. Coffee all day, beer all night.

On alcoholism: Screw it! I know miserable people who don't touch liquor. My Grandfather, for example, fights with my Grandmother and winds up sleeping on my couch! Yes, he is strange enough without alcohol, but he was also raised as a orphan on the Mississippi River. He is Huckelberry Finn circa 1930s instead of Huck Finn 1870s. Now he is an older, Korean War veteran Huck Finn, governement pension Huck Finn, and he doesn't really drink. One beer will put him to sleep. There aren't stories like that anymore. No kids in Hannibal living under a bridge, eating stone soup and running from the law anymore. Maybe that why people drink, so they can make have soem crazy stories... Well, I have crazy stories so I am going to have to start drinking occasionally, to relax, like medicine. Ever get the feeling that you are taking medicine when you take a shot of Crown Royal?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cable TV

My roommates were sitting on the couch wishing we had cable (I hate cable) and some guy in a truck with a bucket pulled into the house across the street from ours. It wasn't the cable guy is all I know, or want to know. One roommates said to the other, "Why don't you offer that guy $20 and see if he'll hook up our cable." The other roommate did it and now we have cable. I don't want to get caught, but all we've done since getting cable is sit there and watch TV. No more playing guitar, no more conversations, its all about the TV. Maybe I should make an call, tell them a fake name.

Iowa, Janurary 3rd, 2008. Barak Obama! No one here would know I went to see Barak Obama speak in St. Louis a few months ago. I am at a loss for words. Maybe I'm on a roll. Usually, when things are going good and the things that I believe in find a spot in the status quo I start to change how I feel about stuff, self destructive to say the least. But this time I am going to roll with the punches, stick with my ideals until they end up screwing me...

Gotta go eat a noisy lunch with the kids.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


What a wild wild New Years Eve. I knew that Ankur coming to visit from San Diego for a week would make for exciting times but I didn't know just how exciting they were going to be. It was like Fear and Loathing without the fear... there was minimal substance induced loathing and it was worth it. Hangovers, we've all had them.

What exactly happened? Billy had a stroke, seriously, and I pray for him. If he can't play music then he won't be himself.

Some dude, Bobby's friend, puked in my living room, then pissed himself and "possibly shat" which is going to be worth a lifetime of jokes at this poor mother's expense. Ankur woke up with Mel Gibson's Payback coming out of his mouth until I was saying it too, "Don't shit where you eat... or live." We repeated it at least a thousand times. And our other mantra, "Party time, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras!" Anything with three syllables works if you scream it really loud.

We danced and danced and drank and drank - played music, went to the new bar, I must have done something right because, even though I don't remember talking to her, a cute girl named Ella called me the next day.

Which brings me to New Years resolutions - no more blacking out! If Ankur is the one who had to drive home I drank way too much. He is a terrible driver when he is sober and I'm glad he made it safely. No highway driving and as long as you don't go over 25 mph in town no one is going to die... look at me justifying drinking and driving. No more drinking and driving - I just made that one, and I didn't drink and drive anyway, I had Ankur do it.

Back at work now, but it was fun.