Thursday, January 3, 2008


What a wild wild New Years Eve. I knew that Ankur coming to visit from San Diego for a week would make for exciting times but I didn't know just how exciting they were going to be. It was like Fear and Loathing without the fear... there was minimal substance induced loathing and it was worth it. Hangovers, we've all had them.

What exactly happened? Billy had a stroke, seriously, and I pray for him. If he can't play music then he won't be himself.

Some dude, Bobby's friend, puked in my living room, then pissed himself and "possibly shat" which is going to be worth a lifetime of jokes at this poor mother's expense. Ankur woke up with Mel Gibson's Payback coming out of his mouth until I was saying it too, "Don't shit where you eat... or live." We repeated it at least a thousand times. And our other mantra, "Party time, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras!" Anything with three syllables works if you scream it really loud.

We danced and danced and drank and drank - played music, went to the new bar, I must have done something right because, even though I don't remember talking to her, a cute girl named Ella called me the next day.

Which brings me to New Years resolutions - no more blacking out! If Ankur is the one who had to drive home I drank way too much. He is a terrible driver when he is sober and I'm glad he made it safely. No highway driving and as long as you don't go over 25 mph in town no one is going to die... look at me justifying drinking and driving. No more drinking and driving - I just made that one, and I didn't drink and drive anyway, I had Ankur do it.

Back at work now, but it was fun.


easy writer said...

um, i don't know who you are, but if you think i was talking about getting wasted, then you obviously don't get it.

RebBull said...

No more blacking out is a pretty good new years resolution. The last time I blacked out, I woke up next to an empty bottle of Evan Williams and a really REALLY fat girl. I don't even want to know what happened.