Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fight Like a Brave

I love going back and reading my blogs (only about once a year these days). Just Finished the Spring semester, teaching Organizational Leadership - Ethical and Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership. It was an on-line class and I was apprehensive about teaching it I guess, but it went extremely well! Hopefully my student have become more ethical and spiritual because of their experience in my class. I know I have! Well... Spiritual anyway. If I do not move on down the road, I'll hopefully be teaching it again in the Fall. I'll also be teaching Freshman Seminar (Piece of Cake) and this summer...wait for it... I'll be teaching ESL again for the first time in two years! I'll be at work from 8am until 9pm on Mondays and Wednesday but I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT TO GET BACK IN THE ESL CLASSROOM!!!!!!!!!!

Looking for a job overseas. My little Benjamin Bottom is 6 years old now and I think it's time his mother and I worked out a deal to start culturing this child. 6 months in Germany is only going to make him a better person in the future. I dream about hearing him speaking German. But who knows? I might end up in Cuba or even England.

On a personal note, I'm getting kinda sick of being single. It's been two years since I've had a girlfriend and I would really like some company if I do go abroad. It's funny to think that if I had buckets of money, I'd probably also have a girlfriend. I've dealt with that recently and decided to quit being so damn charitable. As much as I like what the Catholic church is doing in this ghetto, I feel I've done my time here. 4 years! Nobody has ever been able to contain me for four years before!

Disclaimer: I used to so look forward to writing in this blog and I still enjoy reading it. Why don't I start writing in it again?