Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why the hell not?

Why the hell not write this blog everyday? I've written screen plays, shorts, short stories, long stories, unmentionables, e-mails, songs, and God knows what else, and no one reads them, so why the hell wouldn't I write here so no one can read this? This is easier. Specifically this rejection is much easier to swallow because I have zero expectations here.

That tree that fell in the woods, the one that someone either heard or didn't hear, that feels about right for my life right now, and I'm cool with that. Maybe it's because I've been listening to mostly blues music for a while now. The theme of the blues seems to be - you all gonna die and no one cares. Dead in the ground, and that okay. You gonna die, I gonna die, we all gonna die, yeah, yeah, yeah.

The ridiculous thing about that tree falling in the woods... of course it made a noise! Who the hell do you think you are to think that it didn't make a noise? God? I could write an essay on why squirrels have ears.

I do believe human kind is superior to other living things. I think we may even be shipwrecked aliens looking for a way off this rock, because we are looking for a way off this rock. But I don't think we created noise nor have we cornered the market on noise. Trees can make noise even if nare a fellow hears said tree.

That's another essay. Ciao.

Friday, March 6, 2015

No, I haven't been hacked! I've begun collecting and selling jewelry so I can reunite with my friends in India. I haven't seen Ankur and Amruta in a very long time :( But that will change.  If you are interested in anything below, e-mail me a