Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been avoiding this subject but I think its time to get over it and put it out there for the world to touch, taste, smell and hear... Today is my last day of school! Its better than xmas, its better than my birthdays used to be, its even better New Years Eve! In fact, in my book its right up there with Halloween and St. Patrick's Day, the other best days of the year.

I will be working at the Bottom Feeder Bay starting tomorrow... It is what it is folks.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bottom Feeder Bay will be open in about one week. I'll be cruising to Louisiana to buy some Crawfish and boudain. This picture is from the one private party we've had at the place... It looks so much better now. If you're ever in the Kansas City area you must stop by...

Riding the Train Again
Its almost that time. I have three train trips planned, riding back from St. Louis, riding to Tom Waits in St. Louis and a big trip to Albuquerque.
Oh yeah
I'm going to see Tom Waits in St. Louis. Normally I wouldn't say I have a favorite team or book or author or TV show... But I make one exception. Tom Waits is my favorite. This is a once in a life time show...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Its All Bad

Everything is bad for you... even my damn Nalgene bottle. I bet this is going to put their stock through the roof. Everyone is going to have to replace their old bottles with new ones and who else are they going to buy them from? I'm personally planning on buying a Dixie Cup.

This just in - Wax covered paper causes tooth decay!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My New Sister

Done deal, married! So I hope everyone who stops here sees why I was so jealous and why I wanted to go to India so badly. Its not often you get a new sister! I have three sisters now... An Indian, a Hungarian and an Italian! Its a small world after all...

This looks like one involved wedding. I've never seen Ankz dress in anything other than Western clothes and I have always thought that he was ugly! haha! Now I see why he thinks he is so beautiful! OMG, I am on a roll.

He probably looks more handsome than usual because he is standing next to his beautiful new wife... If you read this Ankz, thanks for the pictures, leave a comment and hopefully I'll see you and Amruta as soon as possible. In fact, I still have that travel voucher from my failed trip to Washington state...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Crappy Days

We all have them...
Today is one. I'm not even sure its a crappy day, its just so surreal that I can't get a grip. I can only try to explain it here. I'm not stationed on this planet today, which makes it hard to deal with other people and that's what makes this whole day kinda crappy. The positive side of not being here now is that I don't want to be here, on this planet, with these people, trying to understand things that I don't care about, feeling like I have to do things that don't even register. Don't get me wrong, I love these people for who they are, but you can love someone and not want to talk to them. You can love your job and be sick of work. I need a serious change and its coming so I should relax right? I don't think so, not today.

I have had consistent dreams of California since I left there when I was ten. I went there last summer and I want to go back to stay for a while. I need some strength for fucks sake. I can't keep my eyes open right now... I don't want to have to keep them open. That means that I should just fall asleep right here in class! But I'm not that strong. This is going no where today...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing with the stars, the stars in heaven...

Our show was amazing! We played for four hours and every minute of the four hours someone was dancing. That never happens... They were dancing to slow songs even. The place was packed and when we took a break to get a drink it was impossible! I've never been so happy about not being able to get served. Luckily, when you are in the band there are lots of ways to circumvent the bar. Like going up the owner or getting cozy with the bar tender... whatever it takes.

The owner is a cool guy! At the end of the night, when most owners would be trying to kick people off the stage, he was standing front and center screaming his head off for another song! His bartender got on the microphone and told him to shut up or the cops would be there to arrest him stat! She wasn't nearly as drunk as he was.

And girls, oh my god, I have never seen so many hot girls at one show. I don't even think Poison in their prime could have competed with the dumb guy to hot chick ratio we had going on Friday night!

Thank god no one tried to throw their stinky panties on me or anything! haha!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Thinking Again

Tonight is a show! HOoray! I love to play live. Its a feeling like no other and you can't really explain how much fun it is, you have to experience it. Watching a show is similar I guess, but the difference is obvious. Would I rather go watch my favorite musician play at a jammed packed stadium or would I rather play a show at a shitty bar for 100 adoring fans? I would much rather play a show!

Hopefully it doesn't rain cause this bitch is outside. Its rained before and he has purchased a tarp since last summer but playing under the stars would be ideal. Its supposed to rain, tear.

We're playing for four hours. That gives us a chance to bring the mood up and then bring it back down then take a break then jump right back into it! I fucking love that. Keep 'em guessing. Maybe we'll even do some drums stuff and an acoustic song or two. God, if we played covers we could actually make money at this. Too bad we will never ever sell out! Too bad my ass!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cuanto Cuesta?

I've contracted a serious photoshop fetish and I've been seriously neglecting my blog. Its worth it! This is the album cover I am voting for! I don't know about the album title tho... If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear them. You might name the next huge rock album of the century! Its going to come out like Nirvana Nevermind, blow the doors off the rock world, seriously.

That brings up a good point: Dumbass musicians have no choice but to feel that way. If anyone of the six people in our band didn't dream about hitting the big time then we wouldn't be able to keep the momentum up, make it worth it... You've kinda gotta kid yourself, and be cool with that, if you want to be in a band.

Please tell me what you think of the album cover and the title!