Friday, May 9, 2008

Thinking Again

Tonight is a show! HOoray! I love to play live. Its a feeling like no other and you can't really explain how much fun it is, you have to experience it. Watching a show is similar I guess, but the difference is obvious. Would I rather go watch my favorite musician play at a jammed packed stadium or would I rather play a show at a shitty bar for 100 adoring fans? I would much rather play a show!

Hopefully it doesn't rain cause this bitch is outside. Its rained before and he has purchased a tarp since last summer but playing under the stars would be ideal. Its supposed to rain, tear.

We're playing for four hours. That gives us a chance to bring the mood up and then bring it back down then take a break then jump right back into it! I fucking love that. Keep 'em guessing. Maybe we'll even do some drums stuff and an acoustic song or two. God, if we played covers we could actually make money at this. Too bad we will never ever sell out! Too bad my ass!

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