Monday, May 12, 2008

Dancing with the stars, the stars in heaven...

Our show was amazing! We played for four hours and every minute of the four hours someone was dancing. That never happens... They were dancing to slow songs even. The place was packed and when we took a break to get a drink it was impossible! I've never been so happy about not being able to get served. Luckily, when you are in the band there are lots of ways to circumvent the bar. Like going up the owner or getting cozy with the bar tender... whatever it takes.

The owner is a cool guy! At the end of the night, when most owners would be trying to kick people off the stage, he was standing front and center screaming his head off for another song! His bartender got on the microphone and told him to shut up or the cops would be there to arrest him stat! She wasn't nearly as drunk as he was.

And girls, oh my god, I have never seen so many hot girls at one show. I don't even think Poison in their prime could have competed with the dumb guy to hot chick ratio we had going on Friday night!

Thank god no one tried to throw their stinky panties on me or anything! haha!

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Amy said...

Such a fantastic line - "dumb guy to hot chick ratio"