Monday, January 28, 2008


After reading that last post I realized I am nuts. I would erase it but no one reads this crapola anyway... I don't really think Hitler did anything good. But he brought out the best in the people who fought against him? I think that's the point.

Bobby Fischer's picture is comming down from my blog today too. Can't be reopresenting anti-semitism in any form. Palastine or Israel? Israel every time, yo! Did you know Israel is Islam's like thrid most Holy City? That means they have two cities that are more important but that aren't fought over. Mecca must be one. What is the other?

I'm not putting John Kennedy Toole back up either. Too depressing. I am going to devote some time to finding the perfect picture. I should really do some work.

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I read it. But I usually just lurk.