Friday, January 4, 2008

Cable TV

My roommates were sitting on the couch wishing we had cable (I hate cable) and some guy in a truck with a bucket pulled into the house across the street from ours. It wasn't the cable guy is all I know, or want to know. One roommates said to the other, "Why don't you offer that guy $20 and see if he'll hook up our cable." The other roommate did it and now we have cable. I don't want to get caught, but all we've done since getting cable is sit there and watch TV. No more playing guitar, no more conversations, its all about the TV. Maybe I should make an call, tell them a fake name.

Iowa, Janurary 3rd, 2008. Barak Obama! No one here would know I went to see Barak Obama speak in St. Louis a few months ago. I am at a loss for words. Maybe I'm on a roll. Usually, when things are going good and the things that I believe in find a spot in the status quo I start to change how I feel about stuff, self destructive to say the least. But this time I am going to roll with the punches, stick with my ideals until they end up screwing me...

Gotta go eat a noisy lunch with the kids.

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