Monday, January 14, 2008

The News

There isn't any news. Its Monday morning and the weekend turned out fine. The date was fine, the bands were fine, the down time was fine. Smoothing out the edges of my life? Hardly. Complacency has no place in my life, it never has and it never will. When things get to be too much I just go out of my way to do something stupid and viola everything is back to normal. Yes, my life sometimes seems to revolve around the stupid decisions I have made when it should revolve around the smart decisions I've made. The thing about smart decisions is that they take time to appriciate. Was becoming a school teacher a smart decision? How about joining the military? Either one would be nice to retire from, and I would be retiring from the military in about five years if I would have staying in. Do I regret getting out? Never! Will I regret getting out in five years when I would be retiring? Probably not! But I do need to do something. The kids book, the movie script, the calander... Something is going to have to happen. The band? Probably not, but we did have a good practice this weekend... Students are here, see ya

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