Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer died today at the age of 64. What a freaking wierdo! He's denounced his American citizenship, was clearly anti-semetic (his mother was Jewish) and was the greatest American chess player ever!

Life is irony. He is a great American who denounced his citizenship - cold war king, who praised the 9/11 attacks. If chess mimicks war, Bobby Fischer mimicks life = crazy, life is so fucking crazy.

I don't agree with his politics just like I don't agree with George Bush's politics, but I do agree with the way he lived his life, against the grain, a true subversive with the balls to speak his mind, for better of worse, even if it was mostly worse. You can change the world quite a bit by being a freak. People will work very hard against you. Look at Adolph Hitler, people were forced to work against him for the greater good. Is this world a better place because of Hitler? If it is better its only because people united against him and drove him to kill himself (okay, and German infrastructure was improved) I don't agree with the way King George II lives his life, detached. Bobby Fischer was wrong on so many levels, but I don't think he was detached.

I am going to go get my ass whooped in a game of chess now.

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