Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How much coffee is too much?

That's a trick question. The same goes for beer. Coffee all day, beer all night.

On alcoholism: Screw it! I know miserable people who don't touch liquor. My Grandfather, for example, fights with my Grandmother and winds up sleeping on my couch! Yes, he is strange enough without alcohol, but he was also raised as a orphan on the Mississippi River. He is Huckelberry Finn circa 1930s instead of Huck Finn 1870s. Now he is an older, Korean War veteran Huck Finn, governement pension Huck Finn, and he doesn't really drink. One beer will put him to sleep. There aren't stories like that anymore. No kids in Hannibal living under a bridge, eating stone soup and running from the law anymore. Maybe that why people drink, so they can make have soem crazy stories... Well, I have crazy stories so I am going to have to start drinking occasionally, to relax, like medicine. Ever get the feeling that you are taking medicine when you take a shot of Crown Royal?

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( . )( . ) said...

Jagermeister is my medicine. mmmm.....