Thursday, December 13, 2007

Editor(s) Wanted

I am taking the ideas from my previous post about New Orleans and writing a book, or novella, about the size of Junky by Bourroughs, 110 pages, full fast paced New Orleans action. Instead of being ashamed of what I have written I am going to ask everyone I know and whom I do not know for advice. Yesterday's post was the referrence guide. It can grounded in reality but I would rather that it be fiction. It has to happen quickly, maybe over the X-Mas vacation to keep it fresh. That's what Jack Kerouac did with on the road, supposedly on one long sheet of paper.

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Scooter Jinx said...

Thanks for the comment on my journal. I had been hoping someone would, because sometimes it feels like a waste to put anything on the web if no one reads it. (You can probably tell I'm new to this)

Anyway, good luck with your writings! I look forward to hearing about it, and perhaps eventually reading it?

I read Junky a Summer or two ago; it's pretty good but I hear Naked Lunch is a lot better, which I still haven't gotten around to reading. Oh, and Confederacy of Dunces—always a favourite. :D