Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gogol Bordello

I can't think today - more specifically, medicine head. Selffulfilling prophecy - talk about medicine head, become medicine head. Hopefully mentioning New Orleans doesn't scare up the ghosts I left in that sweet sweet city! Wholly crap that would be bad! Especially during the holiday season... Those ghosts were bad and they're names are better left unmentioned. I've talked about them too long, now they will destory me! hahahaha...

I did remember one thing really cool about New Orleans that I would like to share. I lived two blocks away from the house John Kennedy Toole lived in with his family. He also taught ESL in Puerto Rico! Fuckign Wikipedia is all you will ever need... I wish I would have visited his grave. Maybe one day.

Since I will be leaving for Christamas Vacation, the second biggest time of year at any elementary school, I thought I would try to write as much as possible in this blog today and tomorrow. I don't know how much time I am going to have to write while I'm on break. I'm planning on being pretty hung over for as much of the break as possible and there's the bar and the band and Ankur coming to visit, and, oh yeah, I have a son to take care of... God that makes vacation sound like more work than work.

I don't think I've mentioned the bar or the band here. My brother just bought a bar, an empty building, and I am so into putting a deli in the front, with the big windows and cozy little space, with coffee, bagels, ham sandwichs, avacados, bean sprouts, no fryer or grill... three blocks from the university - and live music in the back, with a full bar. I don't see how the picture I have in my head could possibly fail, unless we are just lazy about the whole thing.

The band, much sorer subject, fucking dorks and primadonnas and I am a little of both. I love them, especially Nathan the drummer, because I haven't gotten to know him as well as I would like. After three years he still doesn't come out just to party down - which is cool with me. Shane and I have been partying like clowns since we were sophmores in high school. Is that sad or what? We really are like brothers, I know because I have two real ones, but we still ENJOY doing the same crap sometimes, with way less frequency. We haven't been out on a week night in years. Maybe we will over our break. Our new CD, our new bass player, my brother, our old bass player, Billy Beale, it is so much goddamn drama I just want to scream.

I'll go on a ledge and say how I feel about each one of them: Steve, piano, sax, trumpet, singing, he's a dork and a primmadonna just like me! We get along great and he is fun to joke with. Mike - percussion, trumpet. He's cool and I don't see enough of him lately. That usually changes around Christmas time. Dr. Taylor too... I have a feeling those ghosts will reappear in the next 12 days! (12 days of Christmas! hilarious) Shane - yeah, three bands, known each other since 10th grade, best man in his wedding, 'nuff said. Nathan - see above. Ben - he's my gd brother so I have to like him. Sterotypical brother relationship... We get into a fist fight about once a year. So everything sounds good - I just really wish we wouldn't have kicked Billy Beale out! I said it. Shit, we'd still be playing regular, we wouldn't have to teach Ben all this new shit. Who gives a shit if Billy drinks way way to much Crown Royal and acts like a fool in front of a couple hunderd people? I think that is ROCK and ROLL people -

Off of my chest demon - the night that broke the camel's back Shane was wasted, I was wasted, we maintained on stage, Billy didn't, que sera sear...

Shit, I've written too much, no one will ever make it this far. if you do, post the secret code and I will send you a free CD! Hot off the press. The Bovine Arrival - My Big Dead Cow! fuckin funny. Okay, the code is m42thcSp-A-8

We actually haven't come to a consense on My Big Dead Cow either - so if you have an opinon on the name of the Album we always listen. My Big Dead Fucking Cow sounds good to me

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