Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Day of Two Holiday's

Happy Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday! I will consider Super Tuesday my favorite holiday if Barak Obama wins this primary election and goes on to win the national election. Mardi Gras is my favortie now, which will be convient sometimes... Two favorite holidays on one day! (Let me know if you get that joke. I'm not sure I do.)

I must ask if there are any two other holidays within one or two days of each other? I think its a good idea; a good reason for a serious bender. Dia de los muertos and Halloween are within a day of each other. I love both those holidays.

I've been thinking about when I lived in New Orleans a lot today. I talked with the other teachers at lunch and told them horror stories about working in the French Quarter, and I threw in a couple of inappropriate remarks to mess their hair up a little bit. Three out five of them had been to New Orleans before and two of those had been for Mardi Gras.

Sometimes its funny to think about how normal people remember their teachers. I guarenttee you that the perception you had of your teachers was far removed from the reality of how those teachers actually are or were. Teachers must have a high divorce rate, most of them have tattoos, some drink, but really just the younger ones. I can never tell when I talk to another teacher if they drink, smoke, cuss, go to church - they're all somehow the same. I can't put my finger on it, one aspect of every teacher's personality is similar. I have it too, but that doesn't mean I know what it is.

Anyway, Hei Toi and das ven dan ya (I'm learning some Russian this week). I love hearing from people who read my blog! Seriously, say hi.

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Liz² said...

interesting... you'll have to post if you figure out what the teacher vibe is. I may have it, I taught snowboarding and EVERYONE seem to think I should be one as a career-thing (ha ha no).

Half of tuesday was scary. McCain? gak. the other half I should have made pancakes or n'orleans food for, but there's next year.