Friday, February 8, 2008

There is no "now"

There is only the past and the future. So if someone tells you to live in the now, tell them you just did. Living in the now ruins the moment and makes it difficult to plan for the fun stuff you'll be doing in the future. Call me a dreamer, call me unenlightened, I'm gonna sit here and stare out the window, think about the house of my dreams, think about going back to Costa Rica, I'm even gonna think about the taxes I need to do tomorrow... and I hate taxes.

I've been reading a book for the second time "Be Here Now" by a fellow named Bab Ram Das. He's a gringo who went to India looking for enlightenment. I wonder what he is doing now? Being here? I don't see him anywhere.

When I read the book the first time I thought I was rebelling against the establishment. At that time in my life I was reading everything I could by the Beats. I still think Jack Kerouac tells a great story and that Uncle Bill Burroughs is the greatest tortured artistic truely enlightened sickest minds ever. I can tell when I read "Be Here Now" exactly how much I've changed over the course of ten years, for better and for worse.

Maybe I'm moving backwards, growing older, losing touch with the youth. (Teaching school will do that to you, seriously! Ever meet a teacher that wasn't a little bitter? Kids have more energy than adults.) Now my idea of living in the moment is recognizing that I am day dreaming about the house of my dreams, something that I do quite often, and stressing over paper work. God I hate paper work. If anyone needs a girlfriend to keep them on track it has always been me.

"Most of the problems in the world are caused by people who can't mind their own business, because they have no business of their own." - William S. Burroughs


Ankur Dnyanmote said...
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Ankur Dnyanmote said...

NOW HERE time is flowing and you with IT.
You think you have an idea but you dont really get IT.
You would like to understand IT but IT is too damn tricky.
What is 'understanding' if you dont understand IT?

IT is happening here and IT is happening now.
When IT happened before - IT was the past.
What I hope IT 'will' happen - will be the future.
My hopes and my dreams are manifestations of my past.
How I dream HERE and NOW will manifest the FUTURE.

IT is happening here and now.
I am myself a part of IT.
YOU are also a part of IT.
We both (and all) dont understand IT...neither do you neither do I.

When IT just flows - you call it time.
When IT stops - you call IT death.
But IT never really stops does IT?
IT can never really die can IT?
IT goes on with or without you in IT.

IT is all the same and IT is all that is. But IT is also all different, which is why we HAVE to talk about IT.
Your only chance to go with IT is to flow with it - here and now.

Be with IT.


choocha said...

liked the last quote.. so true! :)