Monday, March 3, 2008

No one likes to argue anymore

I feel like I have to say dumb shit to get a rise out of anyone anymore. Will someone please argue with me? I'm sure we can find something to disagree about. What's your favorite color? What music do you listen to? Cats or dogs? (Dogs for sure) I can argue about anything.

How about a picture?


Darius Sinclair™ said...

I don't where you've been. EVERYONE likes to argue. "Hillary will win." "HD-DVD will never die." "The economy is actually okay." "Gas isn't that much."

I can argue.

Ankur Dnyanmote said...

i argue that your need to argue is stupid...amazingly stupid :-)

...this should certainly get you some argument

choocha said...

Eww dogs.. why? seriously, why? some dogs may be cute, but they're dirty! just touching one triggers all these germy images into my head..
And yeah, i think the human race is getting dumber and more superficial, so it's harder to find someone who even talks properly nowadays.. but that's just my opinion..

ElPato said...

Ankz! Yes, because everything is amazing, remember? That's the stupid thing.

Darius, being fasicious is cool. But it doesn't warrant an argument.

choocha - s p e a k s properly.

Kali said...

Hmmm... Red, pop, and dogs.

Go ahead, argue it!

ElPato said...

Blue, Rock, and of course dogs!

Tina Peters said...

I'd argue with you, but you'd end up in the corner having a breakdown. ;-)