Monday, March 31, 2008

Fare thee well, ides of March

Screw this cold ass March! Coldest ever, its over, winter, and tomorrow is my favorite holiday - April Fools Day. One of the teachers said she hated when April Fools Day falls on a week day because the kids are such pains. I am going to get her so good tomorrow! I'm trying to think of something that's only boarderline appropriate. How about hiding all her kids in the closet! She would freak! They would love it. I'm open for suggestions.

Bek's gone. I love the sound of her voice when she is happy. I think things can start getting better now.

Had a fight on the play ground and remembered a valuable lesson of youth. Do not get your butt kicked by a girl and then cry about it! You might have problems getting a girlfriend later in life. I could use that advice now. Except I'd rather get the crap kicked out of me than have my heart broken. .. . So I'm just going to try and be cool.


Allie said...

HAHA We've had the hottest March ever! I've gotten a sunburn 3 Saturdays in a row! My skin is about to fall off, seriously and very much literally! No bueno for sure!

Oh and I'm not a good prankster but I can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Steph said...

I totally forgot about April fools day and have been pranked all day at work.

I hate being unprepared!!