Friday, March 28, 2008

What a day, today!

Beki, my ex-girl friend of seven years, is comming to town tonight. She is five months pregnant and I am going to pick her up at the airport. I guess the strange part about all of it is that it isn't strange. We're were always better friends than anything else, although we did enjoy nice weekend get-a-ways, dinners and diners... I have to say the only reason I have had a hard time hooking up is because most girls I have met can't compete with her. She a PhD, she does research in the Everglades, rides around in a helicopter. Not that baby momma isn't a cool chick, it just turned out that it wasn't meant to be. This is something I never really talk about, so soak it up because it is usually better to just avoid the really tough shit in life. Relationships, politics, religion, aren't they a bitch?

So I'm looking for jobs in Kansas City, cruising the internet. I've kinda shuffled myself into this teaching gig and I'm not opposed to shuffling myself out of it. Sometimes I'm curious to see just how well round I can become. I've learned to focus on teaching but here are a list of jobs I have had since I started working:
Sonic, Kitchen Manager at Tyson, Security Guard at Chicken Farm, worked at KFC for one day, United States Air Force, car detailing, car salesman for about three months, Assistant editor at Gumbeaux Magazine in Lake Charles, Louisiana, ESL tutor, (this is where I learned what it was I thought I wanted to do with my life) Able Bodied Seaman for Tidewater Marine, tutor in writing center at ULM, tutor in writing center at CMSU, Academic Advisor (GA) at CMSU, elementary and middle school ESL and Spanish teacher. Most of the time I was going ot school for either by BA in English or MA in TESL, and now I'm ready for the next step. It kinda exciting not knowing exactly what that step will be but I do have to admit I've never been more scared now that I have a child.

Lesson for the day: Children are scary!

Yesterday I had a uprising in 7th grade Spanish class. I had nightmares about it last night. Today, they were quiet as little old church mice.

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