Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Going postal at school, hopefully going postal on vacation, going postal on my roommates, not literally of course.

What an adjective! Postal. One word that was created because of psycho employees of the USPS! Government employees of all people. What would your adjective be called? Mine would be called going teacher... or more likely going teacher on your ass. I've had to go teacher on my roommates this week. They paid the wrong bill and we got our gas shut off. Idiots! I don't know how I expected them to manage my house, pay bills, keep things clean...

Here are some off the top of my head:
going fry cook
going car salesman
going garbageman
going sales clerk
car salesman and sales clerk sound annoying
fry cook sounds going dumbass
going garbageman sounds like going home, watching TV, drinking beer and not taking a shower... why bother?
disclaimer: yes, these are all stereotypes.


( . )( . ) said...

Mine would be, going Financial Controller on yo ass.

Which I am about to do.

Fuck work and everything else, and yes I know, I am terribly sorry, I have been a very bad stalker!

FreeSpeakPoet said...

Going teacher... lol.

I actually feel more 'sane' when I am in the classroom - it's the parents who frustrate me most. But, then again, I work with five - six year olds who's biggest mistakes are peeing their pants and repeating swearwords.

Maybe you should work with younger kids - they always make me laugh when they 'tell on' their parents: "Mommy drinks shakes for breakfast because Daddy makes fun of her lines on her tummy" "My dad... he crashed the car... so now he sleeps downstairs." :)

Dan said...

I'm a retired Postal Worker, my wife is a 3rd grade teacher.
Going Postal, or Going teacher both pretty much covers any given day. I've mellowed since I left the rat race, but my wife still has to deal with parents who don't have a clue,and kids that need attention that they don't get at home. Hang in there, theres light at the end of the tunnel!