Monday, March 3, 2008

Cashing in on Hope

I've got hope! I've had hope for years. It just hit me, where does it end? What do I even have hope in or for or what the hell ever? Misguided might just be my middle name. I've been thinking about getting to the right point by taking the wrong direction. Jumping in shit and coming out smelling like a rose. It might be the only option I have left because I have obviously made some bad decisions in my life. Can I still come out smelling like a rose? Yes I can! That's is exactly what I hope for. To brush this shit off, to make my life interesting again, to turn this shitty place into something worthwhile again and most importantly, to get the hell outta here when the opportunity presents itself.

One thing I have hoped for is certainly coming to and end: The end of the George W. Bush regime! I must say a little about my politics here. I don't vote for a party, I vote for the individual. I think I'm a pretty good judge of character and I'm sure I can spot a good old boy or a shrill bitch from across the room! haha! Cheap shot and I actually love the Clinton family, but we've been there already, and I really really like Barack Obama. If its between Clinton and McCain, who I also like since I teach ESL and appreciate his stance on immigration, I'm by no means making up my mind for either candidate. Christ, where is this going? Oh yeah, somehow I was going to write about blaming society for your problems. Its something I think about often because I was so happy during the Clinton years and so miserable during the Bush administration.

Its okay to blame society for your problems. If you are poor and live in Africa you want some damn money, if you're relatively rich and live in the USA then you want to keep your money and security. You depend on the people in charge. So what if I'm blatantly comparing money with happiness? It's a metaphor, its Monday morning, I just put gas in my car, I'm driving back from Washington State in two weeks and I wish gas was $1 again...

There it is! Gas! A perfect example of how you can blame society for your problems.

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