Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Train

So I missed my flight because of the overflux of frat boys at the Kansas City Airport. Spring Break and United Suck! Over booked by twenty people, had us wait three hours for a flight to Washington DfuckingC, not Washington state...I'm going to write them a dirty dirty e-mail

Rode the train with my son this weekend, from St. Louis to Warrensburg. Strange how a weekend or long weekend can take on a theme. I was eating chicken wings at a restaurant with my big Italian brother Mike-Mike and I got a call from Tony (who is not Italian btw), my friend who I was supposed to be skiing in Washington State with at that very moment. I figured he was calling to gloat, which he was, but he was really calling to tell me about Laynie, a girl we know, who threw herself in front of a train and died on Friday night.

Poor poor Laynie... The conductor announced our stop and as I walked down the stairs with Benjamin I realized we were looking at the exact spot where she had died two nights before. I had seen the ambulances and firetrucks, police and others the night that it happened and I knew something bad had happened but I figured it was a car that got hit, not a young girl I knew.

I still love trains and young girls. Life is just so damn sad sometimes.

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Steph said...

That is really sad. Sorry for your loss.