Monday, April 21, 2008

Cold Duck

Vampire Weekend

I had some stuff to say but I forgot. I have no energy anymore. Not even the energy to write in this blog. Coffee and cigs aren't cutting it anymore. I need to get out and about, feel the wind in my hair, jump off of something and into something else (like a bridge or a cliff into some cool water). I need to fly somewhere, take a fishing trip, go canoing on the river, some-damn-thing to make things seem worth while.

Music is my saving grace. I can pick up my guitar and be on vacation anytime. Its better than anything. So listen to Vampire Weekend (the bass player is scott baio's nephew, strange, but don't hold it against them.) and I still haven't reached 1000 hits.

Cuando el tiempo es estrange, el estrange van pro


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Allie-gator said...

Yeah, I'm in total need of a vaca too!

Hummm...where to go??