Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crazy Ideas That Must Be Purged!

So now that I'm not teaching school next year, and especially considering that I have no plan for the future, sans a few job applications I have filled out, I am kind of thinking about what it is I will do to FEED MYSELF AND MY CHILD! I feel as if I have to purge the crazy ideas and get to the ideas that will actually pay the bills.

I think I have a man crush.

Arrested Development is today's source of inspiration. I want to develop land, businesses, residential properties, maybe get a contract to build a strip mall in Iraq or something like that... So I'm going with it until the idea has been purged. I re-set up my Bloomberg account, subscribed to the New York Times and downloaded a PDF on taking the test for a realtor's liscense.

When I began my career as a English as a Second Language teacher it was my opportunity to travel the world, plus I used to like kids. Now I only like one or two... When my son was born my wings were clipped and although they are growing back bit by bit (I will see the rest of this world, all of it, I promise) they are still short and stubby.

Now I like land, I like money, I want responsible, sustainable land development. I like urban properties, I like rural wide open spaces, it all interests me very much.

In fact, having a kid is a good reason to travel and see the world. He's not going to be allowed to live in the middle of nowwhere Missouri for the rest of his life. Hell, he's only two and he's been to New Orleans, Denver, St. Louis, Kansas City, not a bad start. And this summer he'll be taking the train to Albuquerque with his Dad. Can't wait for that trip!


Sea nettle Soup said...

Obama loves the Feds.

xox, LunasDesert

Allie-gator said...

I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about...might have something to do with my sickness or the meds I'm on... but be careful if it has anything to do with the housing market and real estate.

But who knows, I might just be talking out my *ss...nap time!

Ankur Dnyanmote said...

A Kukukkkkuchooooo.....

"chicken does not sound like THAT !"

Dana said...

I am so jealous you're not teaching next year!! I wish it was me LOL..

Steph said...

I know a couple who dragged their three kids around Europe! I don't think it would be easy but I'm sure it's do-able.

ElPato said...

Dana, its nerve wracking to teach and its nerve wracking not to teach!

Steph, That was the plan, except we are no longer a couple. Which, at this point, is obviously better.

Ankz, I didn't know a chicken was suppoed to sound like that. Nice text btw. You need to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.

Allie, Hope you feel better today.

Sea nettle,
I vote for personality!

The J Man said...

you should think about making land!

dkuroiwa said...

"man crush"....*snort* that's funny!!