Monday, April 28, 2008


What a weekend... I have a new roommate and more importantly I got rid of my two other roommates. So far so great, but that's how it goes with roommates - I could live with anyone for a month and that's all she is planning on staying.

And Joe's moving in at the end of this week. Old Joe dog, we've lived together for years and it was always kinda up and down. Did I learn my lesson? Apparently not.

We lived on Joe Deats Road in Monroe, Louisiana. If you've never been to Monroe its serious bayou, backwoods, coon ass country. North Louisiana is so much different than South Louisiana. Below I-10 is the real Louisiana. North Louisiana isn't as friendly and there isn't as much to do.

One time Joe and I got in a water fight and I sprayed him with the hose, which isn't that strange I guess, except that I brought a garden hose through the window and into the house to spray him with water. That kinda sums up our relationship.

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Allie-gator said...

That's all SHE is planning on you move FAST! haha jk