Friday, April 25, 2008

Financial Times

Me writing a blog about finance... all we need now is the locusts and some frogs and fire falling from the sky and that's the second coming, the one where the man gets really pissed. Frogs on fire falling from the sky... some people would think its cool until a firefrog stuck to their forehead or ended up in their pants.

That last paragraph explains exactly how loopy money makes me, I have little to no concept of it whatsoever. And then when the bank prints me a new card that is missing some numbers, and I pay my bills with these wrong numbers, and the people I paid my bills too come looking for me all at once! There is only one word, one totally inappropriate word that describes how I feel right now, "FUCK!" and not the verb form of the word either, the adjective...

It gets better. I thought it was funny that my taxes weren't getting here as fast as I would like, and now I know. My bank sent them back to George W. Bush so he could wage war with my scrilla. The last person on this earth I want to have my money just got it back... Thanks to my bank.

Usually this stuff is my fault! Like 99%... In fact, this might actually be the first time it really is someone else's fault for real. That makes me feel a little better.

You know who I miss? Molly Ivans, she was such a cool mean person.

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