Friday, April 18, 2008

My Turn

Hopefully by completing this survey I will surpass the 1000 hits mark on my blog today!

What I was doing 10 years ago: Ten years ago I was getting out of the Air Force, starting college, taking a road trip across the USA, going to a rainbow gathering, and breaking up with my first real girlfriend. I was a busy little beaver.

Five Snacks I enjoy:I don't really snack and I'll eat anything when I am hungry. How about five snacks I would love to enjoy - 1. Wasabe peas, 2. Hummus, 3. Are hot wings a meal or snack? 4. An apple. 5. Anything the kindergarten teacher will give me when I beg... usually goldfishes

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire: 1. Buy a hot car. 2. Travel everywhere. 3. Buy a lot of land. 4. Design and build my own house(s). 5. Become an activist...

Five jobs that I have had: (This one will be good.) 1. Able Bodied Seaman, just like Deadliest Catch. 2. Bomb Loader 3. Assistant Editor at Gumbeaux Magazine, an African-American magazine in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 4. Bartender in New Orleans, 5. Alligator swamp tour guide in Slidell, Louisiana.

Three of my habits: Smoking (yuck), drinking (yeah), watching TV (yuck)

Five place I have lived: (I've already said N.O. and Slidell) so... Concord and San Diego, California, Denver Colorado, Monroe Louisiana, Knob Noster and Warrensburg, MO

I am playing guess that photo again. I thought that picture of a young Willie Nelson was pretty tough. This guy is one of my favorites. Hints available...


Ambitious Fledgling said...

Hummus.. ewwww


dkuroiwa said...

yeah...and speaking of that picture...didn't you mention a prize somewhere?!?!?
I'm gonna have to think on this first looked like a young Jack Black....I may have peaked with Willie!! yeah...I'm with you on the hummus~~love it!!!...and hotwings? they can be anything you freakin' want them to be!!
I wanna know more about the "alligator swamp tour guide"...and Really?? Knob Noster???
Smoking...bad. Drinking...okay. TV...sometimes it just gets you through the night!!
have a good one!!

The Horny Bitch said...

I share the same habits.

Dana said...

Ohhhh - I love dealiest catch - awesome show... I can't believe you had that job... So scary!!

ElPato said...

Honestly, it wasn't the exact same job... Same boats, but in the Gulf of Mexico, so it was warmer. Still almost got my head smashed and had huge waves plummeled the boat for days and days.

But when it was nice, it was really nice, fishing and listening to Jimmy Buffet, bar-b-que's... The Guys on Deadliest Catch have a lot more down time than they let on. Just getting back and forth to their fishing locations must take three or four days. Those boats probably only go 10 mph and if they go 300 miles... boring!