Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Poor Tongue, My Broken Fingers...

I have begun to realize that it is hard for me to be cool, but when I can be cool, like on stage Saturday night, I can be really cool. That's the danger of having an image, when its not working it sucks! Hot and Cold, I don't even know what I am talking about.

My blog entires are now to be shrouded in mystery, are better yet, shrouded in ideas... Nothing tangible anymore. Everything revolves around ideas anyway. Having fun isn't really a tangible thing is it? I guess beer is pretty real. .. . May be I should just start posting in Morse Code or short hand... How about Espanol?

I will post video of our show on Saturday night sometime soon.


Allie-gator said...

NOOO I can't read morse code...nor espanol unless it's just:

no bueno - no good! (but I never say no good I always say no bueno -it should so be part of the english language!)
Holla - HI!!
como esta - how are you
pollo - chicken (I'm always so proud of myself when I go eat mexican and I can say this to the waiter! haha!)

yeah thats all I got! And I live in TX too! CRAP I'm screwed!

Allie-gator said...

crap I totally knew that! Guess I was listening to too much Gwen Stefani....Holla back girl!! haha!

Glad I gave you a good laugh though...I love doing that!